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Just because it’s green doesn’t always mean it’s good.

When it comes to cannabis products, it’s easy for cannabis companies to cut corners. If you’re a canna-connoisseur, you’ve probably already noticed this. If you’re new to cannabis culture, it can be harder to discern, but there are certain qualities that you can look out for when you’re searching for the best cannabis products.

1. An element of creativity
Companies that are catering to canna-connoisseurs, and people who are seeking the best cannabis products out there, know they’re not going to get your attention with just another basic pre-roll or joint product. The best cannabis products will take something classic and add a new level of intrigue to an already exciting product, which is exactly why we developed our GanjaGold Tarantula pre-roll line. Companies who are adding a new dimension to their products to create something unique are the brands that you’ll want to keep an eye out for.

2. A meticulous process
If there’s no integrity behind a brand, it’ll show in the products they put on the market. That’s why discovering a company’s process will tell you a lot about what the brand stands for, and what you’ll get in your cannabis experience. GanjaGold is leading the industry when it comes to our process because of the level of care we put into our development. We actively seek responsible growers and simultaneously nurture and inspect our plants and cultivation process ourselves. Our products are then scrupulously tested for impurities by one of the highest regarded labs in the world. Cutting corners is simply not an option for us.

3. A consistent sensory experience
The best cannabis products will be consistent every time you experience them. Brands that develop an amazing formula, all while being able to communicate what each experience will provide each time, shows that they care about their customers’ experience and safety. To take it another level higher, brands that really care will establish a set of products that each consistently delivers a completely different experience, so that there’s something for everyone. That’s precisely why we created the R:EVOLVE Pre-Roll Pack [link to blog about this
product], a pack of five unique and distinguishable pre-rolls each for a different
mood and experience.

There’s more to cannabis than just getting high. Experience it.