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Do you think it’s possible to contain 5 unique experiences into one package?

GanjaGold has achieved the unachievable by packaging five very different pre-rolls into a single R:EVOLVE Pre-Roll Pack.

This is the perfect product for every canna-connoisseur [Link to canna-connoisseur blog] who appreciates a dynamic and interesting experience.

Each R:EVOLVE Pre-Roll Pack contains the following 5 GanjaGold pre-rolls:

1. Zen – indica-dominant strain
Zen, the indica-dominant strain marked with the green indicator, is perfect for a relaxing night in. Its sedating and calming effects wash over you in a wave of comfort. We recommend trying this pre-roll before starting a movie, or while unwinding in the tub after a long week.

2. Inspire – hybrid strain
Inspire, the hybrid strain marked with the orange indicator, is like a breath of fresh air. With a lovely balance between body and cerebral effects, this strain is great for sparking your inner creativity. We recommend experiencing this pre-roll while working on a project that needs a new perspective, or when you want to create art.

3. Awake – sativa-dominant strain
Awake, the sativa-dominant strain marked with the yellow indicator, will help you get into the right state of mind. This strain’s uplifting cerebral effects will encourage your more motivated side. We recommend utilizing this pre-roll when you need to get down to business, or when you just need to focus.

4. Heal – super strain
This super strain marked with the purple indicator, Heal, was meticulously crafted to be as super to your experience as possible. The unique cerebral and body effects make this strain a great one for any pain or symptom relief. We recommend reaching for this pre-roll roll when you’re feeling physically off, or if you have any chronic pain that needs relieving.

5. Evolve – GanjaGold Tarantula
The special Evolve pre-roll, marked with the blue indicator, is the crowning jewel of the R:EVOLVE Pre-Roll Pack. The Evolve option takes the concept of a pre-roll to the next level. Packed with top-shelf flower, hand painted with live resin Tarantula oil, and dusted in our proprietary kief blend, this pre-roll is no joke. We recommend sharing this one with friends who can also appreciate an amazing cannabis experience.

Are you interested in experiencing the five moods that come in the R:EVOLVE Pre-Roll Pack? Learn more by clicking here.