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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much is a pre-rolled joint? What is a typical GanjaGold price?2018-08-10T13:37:03-07:00

    Similarly to cannabis oil, our pre-roll prices vary from dispensary to dispensary. Check with your local dispensary about how much our pre-rolls are.

    Do joints go bad?2018-06-20T14:35:53-07:00

    Joints, pre-rolled cones, and pre-rolls can be conserved for a long time especially if they’ve been properly dried and cured, like our pre-roll line. There are ways to preserve them to keep them fresher longer, but because there is still plant matter in pre-rolls and joints, it is possible for your products to degrade, especially if kept in a damp environment. But in our experience, we’ve never seen someone leave one of our pre-rolls on the shelf long enough to see that happen.

    What is Ganja?2018-08-28T09:11:54-07:00

    Ganja, kush, weed… whatever you prefer to call it, ganja is another name for cannabis. To us, GanjaGold means topshelf cannabis products that provide a unique and unforgettable experience. The ganja symbol is an important icon in cannabis culture and in our own community.

    Where are the recreational dispensaries near me?2018-06-20T14:35:30-07:00

    You don’t want to order ganja online. If you’re looking to talk with expert budtenders, window shop, and get the full experience, you’re probably wondering where the closest recreational dispensary is to you.

    What is Connoisseur?2018-08-28T09:12:18-07:00

    A connoisseur is an expert judge in matters of taste. A cannabis connoisseur can detect subtleties in cannabis products that a novice doesn’t quite have the experience to grasp. When researching, you’ll probably notice that your favorite GanjaGold live resin cartridge review was written by a connoisseur.

    What is Tarantula joint?2018-08-28T09:13:22-07:00

    Everyone keeps talking about GanjaGold Tarantulas, but what are they? Our golden Tarantula pre-rolls are not a tarantula blunt, tarantula weed, nor a tarantula joint. They’re superior to the language that preceded it. Our GanjaGold Tarantulas take pre-rolls to the next level. They’re known as the best pre-rolled joints because of their quality, potency, and creativity when it comes to the design of these pre-rolls.

    What is cannabis used for?2018-06-20T14:38:48-07:00

    The beauty of this question is that it has countless answers. Whether you’re looking to use cannabis oil for pain, pre-rolls for fun, vice versa, or something else entirely, there are so many medical and recreational benefits that cannabis can provide.


    “The quality and time put into your products and lines is very transparent. Between the lab testing, packaging, taste, potency, being clean and providing a great product, GanjaGold has been a reputable brand that I’ve enjoyed telling people about.”

    - Harris the Budtender

    “My first choice will always be GanjaGold for the best quality cannabis products grown and rolled.”

    - Bob Brooks
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    San Francisco Chronicle
    Green Rush Daily
    Green Leaf
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