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A Passion for Perfection.

Driven by integrity and fueled by quality, GanjaGold leads the industry with a golden standard. We actively seek out responsible growers while personally inspecting and tending to our plants.

Our product is meticulously tested by one of the highest regarded labs in the world. Cutting corners is not an option, and you can feel that in the quality of our product.

“Putting the best of everything into their products is what propels GanjaGold to dominate the industry.”

Dope Magazine

Revolutionizing the perception
of pre-rolls.

GanjaGold has revolutionized the perception of a topshelf pre-roll. We are proud to be known for introducing the world to the first premium joint of its kind. Our award winning product line has motivated competitors to emulate our style, but no one has been able to match our quality.

We strive to produce the highest quality cannabis experience imaginable, by staying focused on unprecedented quality and attention to detail.

Ganja Gold - Revolve Pre-RollsGanja Gold - Revolve Pre-Rolls

In every GanjaGold product, we provide a pure, potent, and strain-specific experience. This sensory adventure is the connoisseur definition of pure. Our signature pre-roll line is as powerful as it is sophisticated and you will understand that with every breath.

Pre-Rolled Elegance

Pre-Rolled Elegance.

Our commitment to detail and quality is unrivaled as we set the industry standard. Our available products are simply connoisseur pure and found at every top California dispensary. Anything less, we leave for brands with less exacting standards.

Masterfully Crafted

Masterfully Crafted.

R:EVOLVELEARN MORELEARN MOREEvolve – TarantulaHeal - super strainInspire - hybridZen - indica dominantAwake - sativa dominant






Enjoy a unique experience, crafted for your current setting.

R:EVOLVE Pre-Rolls

Unrivaled Luxury


“The quality and time put into your products and lines is very transparent. Between the lab testing, packaging, taste, potency, being clean and providing a great product, GanjaGold has been a reputable brand that I’ve enjoyed telling people about.”

- Harris the Budtender

“My first choice will always be GanjaGold for the best quality cannabis products grown and rolled.”

- Bob Brooks
SF Weekly
San Francisco Chronicle
Green Rush Daily
Green Leaf
Dope Magazine