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From Cyber Monday to Green Wednesday….the times sure are a changin’. Ten years ago, purchasing marijuana as a gift was considered to be particularly taboo, falling into an ‘illicit’ category, especially as California was only a medically-legal state at the time.

The last several years, however, have shown an almost exponential upward trend of cannabis sales on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving – AKA Green Wednesday. As legalization of cannabis continues to settle into the California lifestyle, more and more families are utilizing cannabis as part of their Thanksgiving routine – and as an unforgettable gift under the tree for loved ones. This paradigm shift from taboo to normalcy is causing a positive impact in several ways.

From 2018-2019, there has been approximately a 63% increase in cannabis sales the day before and the day after Thanksgiving, according to Marijuana Business Daily. Jane Technology also reported a 62% increase in sales on Black Friday, which definitively demonstrates a shift in California’s perspective on cannabis – families are enjoying cannabis together, as a holiday experience, and are presumably drinking less alcohol – this change in perspective is keeping more drunk drivers off the road, especially during the holiday season.

In addition, those who choose cannabis over alcohol for holiday events are contributing towards their health and well-being, which is tough during the business of the winter months.

Please spread the joy of cannabis this holiday season. #BEKIND.