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R:EVOLVE Pre-Rolls

Blue Tarantula: Indica/Sativa/Hybrid

Part of our award winning Tarantula pre-roll line, the Blue Tarantula is known for its top-shelf indoor grown mouth watering buds that leaves you with a sweet  finish after every puff. Bursting with over a full gram of robust strain-specific cannabis, this pre-roll is rolled to perfection in raw natural hemp paper cone,  coated with distillate testing at 90 %+ thc, and then dusted with golden kief for that signature Tarantula finish.

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Green Tarantula: Indica/Sativa/Hybrid

Another integral member of our Tarantula pre-roll line, the Green tarantula is known for its artisanal outdoor buds. Packed tightly with full spectrum sun-grown strain specific cannabis this pre-roll packs a punch, they are rolled in raw natural hemp paper cone, coated with distillate testing at 85%+ thc, and then dusted with golden kief.

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Red Tarantula

This utility grade Tarantula shares the same DNA of its predecessors for having a potent effect on its patreon, followed by a smooth finish. It is comprised of quality indoor and outdoor sugar leafed baby nugs grinded to perfection and infused with 80%+ distillate and coated with a jacket of keif for that perfect Tarantula finish.   

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Tarantula CBD

The newest addition to the Tarantula family. Something truly unique, the Tarantula CBD contains only the finest CBD flower we can find. With a CBD to THC ratio of 1:1, this preroll will have you uplifted and focused. It’s painted with CBD distillate and finished with golden kief.

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King Tarantula

The King Tarantula is not for the faint of heart, but maintains an exquisite slow burn to share with friends. Rolled with the top 1% of artisanal strains cured to perfection are chosen to be worthy of The King.  It’s packed with two full grams of award winning indoor bud, then rolled in a Raw Emperado natural hemp paper cone, coated with distillate testing at 90%+ delta 9 thc, and dusted with heaping portion of golden kief.

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R:EVOLVE Pre-Roll Pack

Five distinct pre-rolls for five distinct moods. Experience Zen, Awake, Heal, Inspire, and Evolve to find out what all the buzz is about with this pre-roll pack and unleashing the GanjaGold flavors. Wow Your Senses with R:EVOLVE. Comprised of 4 half gram sun grown prerolls and an indoor Tarantula.

Each pack contains the following 5 pre-rolls:

  • Zen (green) indica dominant – Sedating and relaxing effects.

  • Inspire (orange) hybrid – Exploring the balance of head and body effects.

  • Awake (yellow) sativa dominant – Uplifting and cerebral effects.

  • Heal (purple) CBD Strain – Meticulously crafted for an array of head and body effects.

  • Evolve (blue) – GanjaGold’s Tarantula: top shelf grade flower, hand painted with live resin Tarantula oil and dusted in our proprietary kief blend.

R:EVOLVE Pre-Roll Pack
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“The quality and time put into your products and lines is very transparent. Between the lab testing, packaging, taste, potency, being clean and providing a great product, GanjaGold has been a reputable brand that I’ve enjoyed telling people about.”

- Harris the Budtender

“My first choice will always be GanjaGold for the best quality cannabis products grown and rolled.”

- Bob Brooks
SF Weekly
San Francisco Chronicle
Green Rush Daily
Green Leaf
Dope Magazine