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Many claim to be one, few actually are.

Not unlike a sommelier of wine, a canna-connoisseur represents something special
within the cannabis industry and community.

If you can confidently say that you embody the following, our hats go off to you.

1. You can distinguish the best of the best
You may know the difference between the purist of the pure and some shake. But being a canna-connoissuer essentially comes down to being conscious of quality over quantity and potency over price. You understand that it’s not just a product, it’s the associated experience, and you’re all for it.

2. You identify with a certain lifestyle
You may not be too keen on being called a “stoner” or “pothead”, because that’s not what you are. You’re a canna-connoisseur, there’s a difference, and you’re proud of it. There’s a stereotype attached to all of the old nicknames, but with your identification with being a canna-connoisseur, you’re saying to the world, “I’m a highly functioning member of society and a respected member of my community, and I love cannabis.”

3. You can curate a unique cannabis experience
You know which strains pair the best with certain experience, and that’s what
you’re able to provide to your loved ones. They look up to you for cannabis
information and advice. You can guide them through an enhanced and uplifted
cannabis experience.

4. You’re a cannabis advocate
You probably, knowingly or unknowingly, are helping to educate other adults about the medical and recreational benefits of cannabis. Whether you’re actively having conversations with people who still believe the stigma, or you’re simply setting an example to those around you as someone who is breaking the stereotype in the best way possible. Being a canna-connoisseur doesn’t mean you’re a canna-snob.

You don’t let your cannabis use define you, but you also aren’t ashamed of your favorite plant.

You aren’t afraid to stand up for what’s right, and you represent cannabis culture with class and sophistication.

What does being a canna-connoisseur mean to you? Let us know in the comments section below.